Diagnostics is a test which is performed to learn more about why a vehicle may not be functioning properly. Diagnostics can be performed by skilled motor technicians with the proper equipment, this is usually done when a vehicle is taken into a Garage for diagnosis.

The diagnostics is used to gather data which can be utilized in the repair of a vehicle.

Performing a diagnostic scan starts with plugging a device into the car's Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The plug location varies depending on the vehicle. The ECU communicates with the scanner returning a diagnostic code which can be referenced against a list of codes for vehicles from that manufacturer. If all systems are working as they should, no codes will appear. If there is a problem, one or more codes will be displayed.

We use Snap-on tools when we do these diagnostics as they have the latest equipment for all makes and models of today's vehicles.

Codes can mean a wide variety of things. If codes appear, the technician determines what is causing the fault code for the purpose, then develops an estimate to let the owner know how much it will cost to address a problem. Sometimes, the issues are an easy fix, whilst in other cases, it can be very complex depending on which code appears.

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